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McKagan Entertainment


Introducing who we are, what we create, and why it’s the RIGHT time!

We are preparing the Launch of McKagan Entertainment into the ears, minds, and hearts of a waiting public. Our first step will be the music release of Bruce McKagan’s most recent rock opera creation.

He's Alive

It’s simply the right story, at the right time. A powerful rock opera of hope that needs to be heard.

HE’S ALIVE has been a vision of Bruce’s for over 50 years, conceived after first hearing the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. The music struck a chord with his rock roots and its real-world approach to the life of Jesus and his disciples. It profoundly connected with Bruce. However, because ‘Superstar’ concluded with the crucifixion, he felt it ended forty days too soon. It was on that day Bruce began to dream of writing the rest of the story… but quickly realized he wasn’t quite ready – at least not yet.

Over the next five decades Bruce became a well-traveled and successful music performer, composer, producer, and executive, employing his musical and management skills in LA, San Diego, Minneapolis, Portland, Charlotte and finally back home in Seattle where it all started. During this time Bruce began to nurture his talents for writing musicals, completing his third by 2018. 

Then it happened!

While traveling from Charlotte to Seattle in August of 2019, he heard a voice…
“It’s time to write your rock opera about me.”

Once in Seattle, the music poured out. Twenty-six original compositions that told the story of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Over sixty gifted music industry friends from across the country joined in to help record his rock opera. Powerful songs and productions that capture the emotions of betrayal, joy, fear, hope, outrage, and elation experienced by the men and women touched by Jesus during his final 40 days. 

… and the feedback from music industry notables has been tremendous!
-Music Release-

In 2024 McKagan Entertainment plans to release a 26-song, double album of HE’S ALIVE (CD, vinyl, online). We are currently engaged in the final production elements of this highly anticipated album, including the final mix, the mastering of all 26 songs, music video production, duplication, and distribution. To deliver the level of excellence this project warrants, these final steps must be assigned to the industry’s finest. For this we need your help.

Because of Bruce’s life-long dedication to his music and his faith, there is a Light that shines through his music. We hope you can find it in your heart to help support him in delivering HE’S ALIVE to a world so desperately in need of Light.

It was 1971 when Bruce first heard Jesus Christ Superstar. Now, over 50 years later, he and his team are ready to fulfill his dream. 

For a free 20-minute demo of all 26 HE’S ALIVE songs, contact Bruce at bruce@mckaganentertainment.com

For more information about this up and coming musical, feel free to contact us through this website.