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McKagan Entertainment
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McKagan Entertainment is a music company that identifies compelling social themes, crafts dynamic storylines (scripts, characters, dialogue, librettos), and produces original compositions for musicals… all to inspire hope.

To create impactful, powerful, and purposeful musical content for the film and theatrical industries.

McKagan Entertainment is a Seattle based company with expertise in music composition and production in every genre of music. Working for over 3 decades with hundreds of highly gifted musicians, vocalists, sound engineers, co-producers, and authors from across the country, Bruce has written the storyline and music to four original musicals… and counting.

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McKagan Entertainment
Bruce McKagan

Bruce McKagan

Over the past 5 decades Bruce has evolved from a performing musician and composer to music executive and producer, while working in Seattle, LA, San Diego, Portland, Minneapolis and Charlotte.

In 2011 Bruce teamed up with author, motivational speaker and educator Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson to write, produce and stage two powerful musicals, “All That Drama” and “No Fear For Freedom”, with celebrated performances throughout the Southeast. With two more written soon after, 


All That Drama

A current day story that reveals how 16-year old Whitney Charles and her middle class African-American family lean to their deep rooted values to get them through their everyday challenges. 

Above Bruce is seen alongside co-creator Dr Kimberly Johnson, vocalist/actor Tommy DeCarlo (lead singer of BOSTON) and music producer Joe Carter.

No Fear For Freedom

We Got Game the musical

Bruce McKagan brings the 1934 Pittsburgh Crawfords, a ball club many historians believe was the best team to have ever played the game of baseball, into their long-awaited spotlight in history. But the road wasn’t easy. The Negro League was no joy ride.

A dynamic rock opera of powerful songs creating a storyline that brings to life the emotions of betrayal, joy, fear, hope, outrage, and elation experienced by the men and women touched by Jesus during His final 40 days on earth.

He's Alive


Bruce has written, recorded and produced over 150 songs, including 12 albums. Within this website Bruce features several of these recordings, and the many musical friends who have graced the studios with him.

 “I have never been as engaged, motivated and active in my craft as I am today. Producing music with a purpose is the key. Being surrounded by amazingly gifted talent is my inspiration. God has truly blessed me.”

Music Family

Bruce’s gifts of music are shared by his celebrated McKagan family of industry notables, including brother Duff (founding member of Guns n’ Roses), brother Matthew (award winning music director and teacher in LA), sister Joan (vocalist), sons Bryan (acclaimed NW bassist) and Kyle (composer/producer), nephew Chris (CJCOSMOS - drummer/bassist/guitarist/producer), grandson Brandon (BMX guitarist/composer/producer) and niece Grace (rock vocalist)



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